Event Team


Cris Vandagriff

Top Dawg!

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Llew Kinst
Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing as well as Media and Public Relations

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Steve Ferron
Technical Director

My name is Steve Ferron, I was born in Los Angeles and have been involved in someway with cars and racing all of my life.  I am both an educator, teaching Manufacturing and Robotic Technology and the business owner of Specialty Fabrication LLC which produces  custom  and production parts for the Entertainment, Automotive, Racing and Recreational Vehicle industry.  My clients are diverse, ranging from such people as Vasak Polak, Carrol Shelby, and Bill Auberlin,  to companies like Blower Drive Service (BDS) , Goodridge USA,  Stop Tech Corp, I Werks Entertainment, and TRW Corp to name a few.  For over 20 years I have both raced and acted as the Technical Inspector for the Historic Motor Sports Association, checking the preparation and safety of cars at each event and offering suggestions, comments, and praises when I found it appropriate.   I look forward to working with you at all of HMSA’s events.


The HMSA Team is made up of the most highly respected people in the historic/vintage racing community. Our Team member's focus is to help our participants present their car in the most period correct manner where the car is prepared to the highest standard of how the car competed in period and not as it could compete today with modern modifications.

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