Conditions of Sales:

1. Seller will ship item within 10 days of receipt of payment. If buyer pays with personal check, seller will ship within 10 days after check is honored.

2. If buyer is not satisfied with the Item, buyer may return Item at buyer's expense. Within 10 days of return of Item in some condition as received by buyer, seller will refund the price.

3. Seller assumes risk of non-delivery when Item is shipped to buyer. Buyer assumes risk of non-delivery when item is returned to seller.

4. Unless otherwise stated, cost of shipping will be in addition to item price.

5. By placing advertisements on the HMSA web site, seller agrees to these conditions. By ordering, buyer agrees to these conditions. 

6. Seller understands that some buyers may not be HMSA members and HMSA has no recourse against such persons should the need arise.

Requirements for Placing an Ad

In offering a car, please include your asking price to save someone a cross-country phone call; chassis, engine serial numbers are helpful.

Ads must include your city/state, so buyers will know where the Item is located. If including a phone number, please include a Time Zone. We have a worldwide membership!

Also include your membership number so that we can verify you are an HMSA member. 

On-line ads are collected and published in groups at the convenience of the webmasters. Your ad will remain on-line for 90 days or, until you notify us that the item has sold or you wish it removed or re-posted with different details.