The Racing Will Be the Reward — Cris on 2020

When you are involved with motorsports and producing motorsports events as long as I have been, sometimes the seasons and events begin to blur together. The beginning of a new year always brings excitement, but not always for the same reasons — or is it for the same reasons? 

Typically the offseason is one of planning but also the fun and festivities of the holidays and family time. Personally it’s a time when I plan for the next season with fresh eyes and a rested mind and I work myself into a frenzy over ensuring the smallest details are covered — our special group of HMSA members and racers deserve special events. I also spend it with friends and family. 

And while this holiday season was made special because my son made a big announcement (Connor’s moving back to California!) it has been a daunting offseason, to say the least. 

The 2020 planning has been anything but typical. It has been more stressful and unusual than it has in a long time. Perhaps it is a matter of cycles and I was bound to have one tough offseason to make the racing that much more beloved. 

Knowing that, maybe this season will be more important than ever. Maybe seeing, hearing and feeling North America’s finest vintage automobiles race at some of the most historic and prestigious facilities is exactly what I need to be removed from the stress of this offseason. 

Maybe being surrounded by our HMSA members, friends, partners and everyone who enjoys our races just as much as our team is exactly what I need. Experience has taught me that people respond to challenges in different ways, but more times than not, being at the track surrounded by our wonderful racing family has been a benefit and more helpful than words can express. 

If there is one thing we vintage racing enthusiasts can agree on it’s that change can often be difficult when it comes to our cars or events. (I like the cars the way they were designed and originally built — and let’s face it, I better!) But change is part of not only hosting and producing events, but also just part of life. 

We have worked very hard to ensure HMSA members can plan their year knowing our goal is to always put on the best events at facilities that suit our cars the best. But that has required more time, effort and passion this year.

So as we open 2020 and stare down a schedule of vintage motorsports events throughout North America, I know the difficulties faced in the offseason will be cured the instant we have that first grid filled with cars ready to tackle any facility, any curve and any speed. I look forward to seeing all of you and sharing another amazing year together.