Monterrey Reunion is Perfect Timing

HMSA President Cris Vandagriff with great friends at the Monterrey Reunion.

Typically before an event as big as the Rolex Reunion at WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca, I spend time talking about the cars or something technical or competition related. In light of what has happened recently across the country and the losses suffered, I think it’s important to talk about the people. 

I am most excited to be around a community of people that I have come to care for so greatly over the decades I have spent in motorsports. There is no time better than now than to spend time with friends and family and enjoy being together. 

What makes the Reunion such an incredible two weekends will always have something to do with the cars and the history of those cars. But this year especially, I hope that it can also be about the community of people that make vintage racing and events like these so incredibly special. 

I’m anxiously longing for the beautiful hills and sounds of the ocean that greet all of the people attending, working and participating in Monterey the next two weeks. I can’t wait to hear how people are doing, promotions or honors earned, hear about grandkids that have been born, children that have celebrated milestones or trips taken by HMSA members around the country or world. I can’t wait to meet the next generation of racers that are attending their first Reunion event as a spectator, only someday to return as a participant.

Those are the reasons we spend time together – we have one common passion in vintage racing that brought us together initially. The reason we stay together is because we have become friends and we share in the celebrations and the losses together, on and off the race track. 

I can’t wait to see cars methodically touring around the track, enjoying the thrill of the corkscrew and all the challenges that come with a world-famous race track. But more than anything, I can’t wait to greet everyone as friends and enjoy time together.