In less than a month, HMSA will be visiting guests of the world-famous Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. 

This event means so much to me personally and to the entire HMSA team for countless reasons. One of the most important reasons it means so much is because we are fortunate to have so much track time at this prestigious facility. My first visit there was in 1966 and it’s only gotten better with age.

Le Circuit is an incredibly fun and challenging 15-turn course, situated on a mountain, at a resort. It’s the perfect blend of race and vacation. I have told numerous people they should never bring the family or significant other — because they will want to make it an annual trip! This event is THAT incredible. 

One thing that enough people do NOT realize is how easy it is to travel across the border and participate in the event. HMSA has developed a spectacular relationship with a customs broker who specializes in motorsports events. The fees are shockingly reasonable, you will not get stuck at the border and this person makes the entire process seamless and easy. 

I find it much more difficult to decide between the more than 100 restaurants situated closely to the track than it is to get across the border. 
One prep shop in Washington brings 17 cars. We have other prep shops on the East Coast that bring multiple cars because it is the most gorgeous facility and our contact keeps it simple. 

It also happens to be that luxurious vacation spot that I mentioned before. Whether it’s a relaxing vacation to get away or racers bring the entire family, I’ve had compliments from everyone on the available amenities and activities offered at or near the resort. It’s a place like any other in the United States and it adds to the thrill of traveling to and racing in a foreign country. 

Especially on the West Coast, we don’t often get the chance to race at a facility as lush and green as Mont-Tremblant. There is just something special about racing at a resort on a mountain that can hardly be described properly. 

This is the time of year when we look back at the incredible events we have already hosted or participated in while looking ahead to some world-class racing. It’s tough not to get overly excited about what’s ahead for the rest of 2019. 

First up, is Mont-Tremblant, July 11-14. We are still taking entries for racers who want to experience a facility and event as unique as the cars that will be racing around its vast array of turns and corners. I’ve already got my passport packed and hope to see you there. Au Revoir mes amis!