Season opening excitement for HMSA and its members

There is just something magical about this time of year. Each season of HMSA racing and events is special, but this time of year – when we are all putting the finishing touches on car and race preparations – just feels different. The anticipation of celebrating another year in the great history of cars is just exciting. 

The HMSA Spring Club event is right around the corner and it’s the perfect way to kick off the 2019 season. The hills are green, we have 170 cars coming to Laguna Seca and it’s going to be a great event overall.

We are going to see quite a few Formula Ford cars at the season opener because in August we are going to celebrate the 50thanniversary of IMSA’s first ever event. That first event, held in the Poconos in 1969, featured the Formula Ford and it looks like there will be about 50 of them joining the HMSA event to celebrate the anniversary in August. 

Andrew Wait has been helping arrange all the Formula Fords into the Crossflow Challenge and has been incredible to work with. He’s the bandleader; his enthusiasm is contagious and is just one more reason to be ever anxious for the 2019 HMSA season to begin. 

Andrew is one of the countless personalities that make up every HMSA season. As mentioned in this blog before, the people of HMSA make this organization just as special as the goal of preserving and showcasing the history of these cars. HMSA certainly has the cream of the crop when it comes to cars. No other sanctioning body can match the cars that our members and participants race all over North America each season. 

Even so, the people are what drive this organization forward with such dedication each year. We strive – very consciously – to be different from all other organizations. Everything from our contact policy to the facilities that we race (no one else holds vintage racing at Laguna Seca… just HMSA) make us unique and special…almost as unique and special as the people that drive the cars and show up for each event. 

The second annual Spirit of HMSA award will be handed out at the driver’s meeting at 9 a.m. on Saturday at Laguna Seca. I look forward to honoring someone who embodies everything we do at HMSA and think it’s the perfect way to kick off a great year ahead. The Spirit of HMSA will be awarded to someone who comes to our events because it’s fun and they want to share their car with others. We want to recognize that because the heart of HMSA belongs to people who loves cars, love racing and want to share both. Join us to present the honor. See you at Laguna Seca!