IMG 2089  On March 22,2014 at Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway Bill Ockerlund in the #24 Datson closely drafts the #204 Alfa Romeo driven by Jeff Thraen IMG 2042  March 22,2014 at Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca, Henry Moore driving #38 Lotus Elite deeply into the top of the Corkscrew turn spends a little time in the gravel. IMG 2821 IMG 2669
IMG 2083  All in the groove at the top of the Corkscrew, Peter Nitoglia driving #31 an Alfa Romeo GTA leads the pack with #67 BMW  driven by Mark Rincon chaseing and Bob Russell in BMW #36 following in third position. IMG 2407 IMG 3293  Bob Bramlage driving the #5 Ginetta G4 away from the pit row as the pit boss directs the other cars to follow. IMG 2504
IMG 2485 IMG 2475 IMG 2312 IMG 3826
IMG 3760 IMG 3665  Drivers mix it up  during the 1st lap thru turn 11 on March 22,2014 at Mazda Raceway , Laguna Seca. IMG 3643 IMG 3488
IMG 3340  The #93 Datsun driven by Dave Stone waits patiently for its turn to break in its new tires. 3/22/14 at La Guna Seca. IMG 3256  Aldin Stein fires up his 1965 MGB in the pits. The #79 car was in race group 1 on 3/22/14 at Laguna Seca. IMG 3248 IMG 3209  Bob Baker driving the #70 Ralt RT-1.
IMG 3182 B37vy eQpVwAPYJb-lptzX71lT3n04UX3wYuDJHMWm4,CZRuTV7nuslOBD d87HPuNXFwfqqRUEZA7bpmpgLOJY[1]